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Panasonic DMR-BWT740 4K Upscaling 3D Blu-Ray Recorder 1TB HDD HD Twin Tuner, WIFI

Panasonic DMR-BWT740 4K Upscaling 3D Blu-Ray Recorder 1TB HDD HD Twin Tuner, WIFI
Panasonic DMR-BWT740 4K Upscaling 3D Blu-Ray Recorder 1TB HDD HD Twin Tuner, WIFI
Panasonic DMR-BWT740 4K Upscaling 3D Blu-Ray Recorder 1TB HDD HD Twin Tuner, WIFI

Panasonic DMR-BWT740 4K Upscaling 3D Blu-Ray Recorder 1TB HDD HD Twin Tuner, WIFI

Free Pack Of 3 Panasonic BD-R 2 5GB. Free Gold Plated High Speed HDMI Cable. Some Boxs Are A Bit Taty.

We regularly check our prices against all the leading competitive Web Sites to ensure you receive low prices on all of our goods. The 1st 4K 3D Blu ray Disk Recorder. Panasonic DMR-BWT740 HD Blu-Ray Recorder with 1TB. Control Your Recorder With Your Smartphone Or Tablet From Any Where. Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder. HD Long Time Recording Archiving with Twin Tuner. HD Recording & Archiving (1TB HDD).

68-Hour Long Time Archiving in HM Mode. Smart Network 3D Blu-ray Disc/ DVD Recorder with Twin HD Tuner. With 4K Up-scaling, youll enjoy picture resolution equal to that captured with a professional digital broadcast camera (when viewing on a TV capable of delivering 4K resolution). Advanced Panasonic image processing technology instantly analyzes the color and luminance of each pixel, and boosts the input signal to an ultra-high quality 4K video signal (8M pixels) for stunning resolution, color and texture.

For 4K Up-scaling playback a TV with same resolution is required. DIGA can record two program simultaneously. There is no need to worry about missing out on recording a program when two program overlap. You can access various content and services through the Internet and home networks. Besides, you can watch your favorite websites right on the large screen. Its so much fun to watch the news, shop on the web, search for information, and share it all with family and friends. Send a recorded program or live broadcast to a VIERA, Blu-ray Disc Player, or your smartphone/tablet wirelessly, and watch it from anywhere in the house. The DIGA Player App lets you easily control DIGA-recorded program and live broadcasts for viewing on an iOS or Android smart device. By registering at new Panasonic Remote Recording Service, you can navigate and search on the EPG and set timer-recording of TV program using smartphone or tablet from anywhere (internet environment required). Also, by using this service on smartphone or tablet while watching TV program, you can set a different program for timer-recording without interrupting the one youre watching at home. How do I connect the DMR-BWT740?

Thats not all thats below that flap, as it also hides a USB port and SD Card slot that can be used for media playback from connected storage devices. But most of the action is around the back where all the video and audio terminals are housed. To take advantage of all the High Definition goodness on-board, ideally youll be connecting it to your TV via the HDMI output but there is a Scart socket, too, although wed suggest thats more useful as an input for a set-top-box from which to record. The HDMI output is Audio Return Channel (ARC) compliant, which is very useful when hooking up to a soundbar or AV Receiver, as it means you can use the 740EB remote to control the volume.

If your audio equipment doesnt have an HDMI connection, there are also digital optical and coaxial alternatives which can carry multichannel audio, as well as RCA stereo outs. This being a Freeview HD device, there is of course an aerial antennae terminal, as well as a RF loop-through connection you can hook up to your TV's aerial input so you can use its tuner for viewing, too.

You never know, there might be three good things on at once! Is it easy to set up and use? Initial setup was incredibly simple and once youve negotiated the speedy channel tuning, network initialisation and software update processes, youre good to get going. Obviously, anything packing in so much, by way of features and functions, will always be a tad more complex to use than a dedicated device, however, but Panasonic has made a good job of simplifying their navigation.

The main Menu accessed via the Function Menu button on the remote provides a tiled style interface with 9 clearly labelled sub-menus. Theres an instruction manual included in the box so we wont go chapter and verse but we think the menu system is easy enough to find your way about. One thing you might want to do, for the smoothest user experience, is to make sure Quick Start is enabled in the Others section of the Setup Menu as it makes boot up almost instant. For first time users it may not be that readily apparent how one switches between the TV and disc playback, too. This is achieved using the Drive Select button on the remote but we think Panasonic could probably have done a better job in making it more clear and stand-out.

The Diga Player app is pretty darned impressive. How do I control it? Primarily, of course, youll be dealing with the included remote control. This is of fairly standard Panasonic issue, meaning its black, solid and well-planned.

Its possibly time for a redesign, however, and the handset looks a bit dated and could use more intuitive colour coding to highlight the variety of features as well as their relationship with one another. Alternatively, theres the DIGA Player app for smartphones and tablets and its available for Android and Apple users. Its much more than a remote replacement, however. In fact, it doesnt really fully replicate the button functions, at all, although you can initialise recordings from it. Its more of a companion app really, allowing you to stream live or recorded content from the box to your smart device from anywhere you have a WiFi connection.

Whats more, you can set recordings from wherever you are by using the Remote Record feature. The UI of the app could use some polish but overall its excellent. What special features does it have? In fact, its almost daunting to go through them all.

Beginning with the online content, there are the likes of YouTube, Netflix, iPlayer, BBC Sport, Facebook and Twitter apps. Netflix even gets its own dedicated button on the remote and the fact you can provide your own DNS settings, in the menus, will be good news for fans of region switching the service. But who wants to surf the web on a set-top-box, anyhow?

The media player is far more useful, though, and allows for playback of a huge array of photo, music and video files via DLNA, SD Card, USB storage and from your material copied to the hard drive. You can syphon off your recordings to connected USB storage or a variety of recordable disc formats. Those include BD-RE, BD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-R (SL/DL), DVD+R(SL/DL) and DVD+RW. You can choose from a variety of recording formats too and apply various proprietary compression techniques, to them, in order to cut down on space.

This is an area that almost merits a separate review of its own but its safe to say Panasonic has this functionality well and truly nailed down. Is the BWT740 a good Freeview PVR? No, its a great Freeview HD recorder! Panasonic has been in this game, almost from the beginning, and their software is at such a level now that its hard to pick fault with it. The EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) is very clearly presented and recordings, whether single or series records, are very simple to perform.

Accessing recorded content is done by using the Direct Navigator button on the remote and the BWT740 allows for chasing play by making currently recorded items available to view before they end. Other nice features include ad skipping ten and sixty second jump buttons.

They arent labelled as for avoiding adverts but we all know the real truth and for those that live their TV lives time shifted, they are great additions. We also like the fact the DMR-BWT740 will make suggestions when timer clashes occur for future repeats and it will also advise you when a hi-def alternative of any standard definition recordings youve scheduled are available. Most importantly, the BWT740 proved rock solid in terms of recording reliability. We set it the ultimate task of taking care of business when we were away on holiday and it came up aces, with every single timer flawlessly recorded.

There is no tougher test of a PVRs reliability than leaving it to its own devices! Is the DMR-BWT740 a good Blu-ray/DVD Player? This is essentially a flagship disc spinner from Panasonic featuring their latest scaling and colour processing techniques and our barrage of technical tests saw it pass with flying colours for Ultra High, High and Standard definition content. Colours remain true, provide you dont mess with the Picture Type from Normal in the Option menu, and scaling right the way up to Ultra HD resolutions is genuinely impressive. We realise very few readers will yet own a 4K TV but if you happen to be one of them, and have a BWT740 at your disposal, wed suggest you compare the relative scaling performance with DVDs, in particular, which was of a very high standard.

This Panasonic is also capable of 3D Blu-ray playback and did so as faultlessly as it handled 2D content. Disc load times are also very quick and its ever-so quiet in operation, which again is a huge bonus as far as we are concerned. In short, its faultless in this department. Disc Type and Supported Files BD-ROM.

FULL HD 3D / BD-Video. Disc Type and Supported Files BD-RE / BD-RE DL Ver. Disc Type and Supported Files BD-R Ver. 1.3 / LTH Type Ver. 1.3 / BD-R DL V1.3.

Disc Type and Supported Files DVD. Disc Type and Supported Files DVD-RAM. DVD Video Recording / AVCHD / JPEG / MPO. Disc Type and Supported Files DVD-R/ DVD-R DL/ DVD-RW. DVD-Video/ DVD Video Recording (DVD-RW) / AVCHD/ Xvid / MKV (DVD-R/ DVD-R DL) / MP3 (DVD-R/ DVD-R DL) / JPEG/ MPO (DVD-R/ DVD-R DL). Disc Type and Supported Files +R/ +R DL/ +RW. Disc Type and Supported Files CD, CD-R/ -RW. CD-DA / Xvid/ MKV (CD-R/ -RW) / MP3 (CD-R/ -RW) / JPEG/ MPO (CD-R/ -RW). Hard Disk Recording Time - DR Mode - HD(8Mbps) Approx. Hard Disk Recording Time - DR Mode - SD(4Mbps) Approx. Hard Disk Recording Time - HG/ HX/ HE/ HL/ HM Mode Approx. 4 h/ 6 h/ 9 h/ 12 h/ 17 h 30 m.

Hard Disk Recording Time - XP/ SP/ LP/ EP Mode Approx. 25 GB BD-RE/ BD-R: 5 h 15 m/ 10 h 30 m/ 21 h/ 42 h.

Dolby Digital Plus/ Dolby TrueHD. DTS-HD Master Audio/ DTS-HD High Resolution Audio. SD Card File Playback compatability.

JPEG/ MPO / AVCHD / MP4. To HDD: AVCHD, AVCHD 3D Progressive, JPEG, MPO / to BD-RE/ -R: AVCHD, AVCHD 3D Progressive, JPEG (BD-RE), MPO (BD-RE) / to DVD-RAM: JPEG, MPO / from BD-RE: JPEG, MPO / from HDD/ DVD-RAM: JPEG, MPO.

USB 2.0 High Speed. Mass Strage - MP3 / Xvid/ MKV/ MP4 / JPEG/ MPO or External HDD - Broadcast Stream. To HDD: AVCHD, AVCHD 3D Progressive, JPEG, MPO, MP3 / to BD-RE/-R: AVCHD, AVCHD 3D Progressive, JPEG (BD-RE), MPO (BD-RE) / to DVD-RAM: JPEG, MPO. Record 2 HD programmes Simultaneously.

Quick Operation - Direct Navigator. Quick Operation - Disc Tray Opening. VIERA Link (HDAVI Control 5).

Yes (MPEG-2, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus). 60 Sec Skip & 10 Sec Back. Smart Link with Smartphone or Tablet (DIGA Player App). Remote Recording Service (DIGA Player App).

Extra Storage with External HDD. Compatible with FULL HD 3D Camcorder.

Video: MKV/ Xvid & Audio: AAC/ FLAC/ WAV/ WMA/ MP3. MPEG-2 (Hybrid VBR), MPEG-4 AVC/H. Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, HE-AAC, MPEG. Power Consumption Normal Use Approx. Power Consumption Standby Quick Start Off, RF OUT(Aerial Signal) Off Approx. Power Consumption Standby (Quick Start On, Power Save On) Approx.

Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 430 x 59 x 238 mm16. Please read some of our feedback on this item.

First class business, my goods arrived quickly and is just as I wanted. Panasonic DMR-BWT740 4K Upscaling 3D Blu-Ray Recorder 1TB HDD HD Twin Tuner, WIFI (#261739663908).

As described, prompt despatch, good communication. Panasonic DMR-BWT740 4K Upscaling 3D Blu-Ray Recorder 1TB HDD HD Twin Tuner, WIFI (#111670265580). Good Product Fast service excellent. Box has been opened for following reasons.

Enable permanent multi-region DVD playback. Content checked and extra accessories added. Serial number recorded and security label attached. Some Boxes are a bit tatty. We only use professional national couriers and all parcels are tracked and insured.

The couriers will require a contact telephone number in order to deliver goods so please make sure you provide one when ordering. They will also require a signature so please make sure you select an address where someone will be available. All our products are covered by a full UK. Check out my other items.

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  • Model: DMR-BWT740
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  • Brand: Panasonic
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Panasonic DMR-BWT740 4K Upscaling 3D Blu-Ray Recorder 1TB HDD HD Twin Tuner, WIFI