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Panasonic DMR-EX87 250GB HDD DVD Recorder Multi Region, FREE GOLD PLATED HDMI

Panasonic DMR-EX87 250GB HDD DVD Recorder Multi Region, FREE GOLD PLATED HDMI

Panasonic DMR-EX87 250GB HDD DVD Recorder Multi Region, FREE GOLD PLATED HDMI
PANASONIC & SONY SPECIALIST FOR MORE THAN 15 YEARS, 5 FEEDBACK. SAME DAY DISPATCH ON ALL ORDERS PAID FOR BEFORE 12PM. FREE 4K GOLD PLATED HIGH SPEED HDMI CABLE. Free Memorex DVD-RW 4.7GB 120 Minutes -. We regularly check our prices against all the leading competitive Web Sites to ensure you receive low prices on all of our goods.

Panasonic DMR-EX87 250GB HDD DVD Recorder. Up to 441hrs recording time on the 250GB HDD. Super Multi-Format Recording & Playback. High Definition (1080P) Up-conversion via HDMI.

HDMI Connection: Superior picture & sound quality + Viera Link Control + SD Memory Card Reader. DVD Recorder with HDD (250GB) and Digital Tuner. Panasonic has developed the DMR-EX87 with even higher image quality. DVB-T Adaptive Noise Reduction detects and removes the block noise that often occurs in digital broadcasts, to produce beautiful images with minimal noise. And the enhanced quality of 1080p Up-Conversion and rich color gradation of Deep Colour compatibility are seen in deeper, higher-resolution images. The Diagonal Processing automatically detects diagonal lines in motion images, and converts them to sharp lines.

The new VIERA Link function of the DMR-EX87 is more advanced. Auto Preset Download does away with the need to make channel and other initial the DMR-EX87 settings. Lets the user start recording the TV program that is currently being watched by simply pressing the VIERA Link button on the VIERA remote and selecting Direct TV Rec. Pause Live TV pauses a TV program with the same ease as pausing a DVD disc. The rest of the program can then be watched at a later time, right from the point where it was paused.

The DMR-EX87 is equipped with a USB terminal, so images from a digital still camera can be easily transferred. A large-capacity hard disk drive lets users store music data and turns the DMR-EX78 into a virtual jukebox.

It supports gracenote®, In short, the DMR-EX87 goes far beyond the point of easy video entertainment to function as a personal digital media server. In the SP mode recording, 384Kbps high sound quality recording provides audio quality approaching that of commercially available the DMR-EX87 movie software. Even with music containing a wide range of tones, such as orchestral performances, the sound of individual instruments are beautifully reproduced. All of 2008 Hard Drive models have features designed to make TV recording super convenient, including detection of schedule changes, series recording and the ability to pause live TV. Pause Live TV Pause Live TV lets you freeze TV programmes just like pausing a DVD, by selecting "Pause Live TV" on the VIERA Link menu. With VIERA Link you can even access Pause Live TV from the VIERA remote control.

The TV programme is temporarily saved on the hard disk drive so you can watch the rest of the programme, precisely from the stopped frame, at a later time. When 8 hours have passed since the programme was recorded, the image is deleted in successive 30-minute lengths. This function is available for Panasonic products that support VIERA Link (HDAVI Control 3). DIGA is Deep Colour ready, which means they can reproduce images with 12-bit, 4,096-step gradation.

You enjoy exceptionally rich, naturallooking colours, with smooth, detailed gradation and minimal colour banding (the TV must also be Deep Colour compatible). Ordinary TV broadcasts and DVD discs provide SD images with 576 x 640 pixels or 576 x 720 pixels. Todays newest HDTVs, on the other hand, can display images with 1080 x 1920 pixels.

HDTVs require high-quality image sources suitable for their large screens. If the optimization process for high-quality images is inadequate, the picture can become blurry or grainy. DIGAs original i/p conversion and up-conversion functions solve this problem. These functions convert SD signals from DVD discs or DIGAs own hard disc drive into 1080p signals that provide high-resolution images.

The conversion process boosts the amount of image information by about 5 times, so pictures are clear and beautiful. DIGA uses Precision Pixel Generation technology in combination with three advanced functions - Pixel-Based Motion Adaptive, Diagonal Processing, and 2:2 Detection and Processing - to apply the type of i/p conversion that best suits the image. Precise Pixel Generation - Using a high-speed algorithm, this technology generates a new pixel for an image area from information obtained from 60 neighbouring pixels. The DVB-T Adaptive Noise Reduction detects and removes the block noise that is unique to digital broadcasts. It helps deliver beautiful pictures with minimal noise. All DIGA DVD recorders offer the ease and convenience of Super Multi- Format Recording and Playback, which lets users play all of their DVDs, regardless of the recording format. DIGA models can record and play back DVD-RAM, DVD-R1 2, DVD-R DL1 2 3, DVD-RW1 3, +R, +R DL3, +RW discs. So you don't have to worry about whether your DIGA can play back everything in your current video library. Jukebox with gracenote (CD Database). Data from music CDs and USB devices can easily be transferred to the DIGA hard disk drive.

It supports gracenote®, so titles and artist names are automatically saved together with the music CD data. It also supports the ID3Tag title information that is embedded in MP3 music data. The new DIGA is like a jukebox filled with your favourite music. Enjoy Multi Format with USB Terminal. DIGA recorder can also play JPEG, MP3 and DivX® files stored on a USB device, and they can transfer JPEG, MP3 data onto hard disk drive.

Yes(1x Speed, 1-4x Speed, 1-8x Speed). Yes(2-4x Speed, 2-8x Speed). Yes(1x Speed, 1-2x Speed).

Yes(2-4x Speed, 2-6x Speed). Built-in Hard Disk Capacity [GB]. 8.5GB Disc DVD-R DL / +R DL. 10 hours 45 minutes / 14 hours 20 minutes (DVD-R DL only). Colour signal 625 lines, 50 fields. Colour signal 525 lines, 60 fields. AV1 / AV2 (21 pin), AV3 (pin jack).

AV2 (21 pin), AV3 (S terminal). AV1 / AV2 (21 pin), Video Out (pin jack).

AV1 (21 pin), S-Video Out (S terminal). Component Video Output(Y, PB, PR). Dolby Digital 2ch, Linear PCM (XP mode). AV1 / AV2 (21 pin), Audio Out (pin jack). Optical terminal (PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG). HDMI OUTPUT:576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p. Please Read Some Of Our Feedbacks On Our Panasonic Recorder. Excellent quality, fabulous speedy service.

Panasonic DMR-EX87 250GB HDD DVD Recorder Multi Region, FREE GOLD PLATED HDMI (#270914052471). Panasonic DMR-EX87 250GB DVD/HDD Recorder, Multi rigon (#250778963552). Just a pleasure to do business.

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  • Model: DMR-EX87
  • Brand: Panasonic
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Panasonic DMR-EX87 250GB HDD DVD Recorder Multi Region, FREE GOLD PLATED HDMI